International Conferences "Mathematics & IT: Research and Education"

Conferences "Mathematics & IT: Research and Education'' are traditionally organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Moldova State University in cooperation with its partners. In 2023, the Conference MITRE (MITRE-2023) is at its 9th edition.

The main goal

The main goal of the Conferences MITRE is to provide a forum for specialists to discuss different aspects of the integration of research and education in Mathematics and Computer Science. The discussion is planned to be axed on the achievements in scientific research and advanced training of high qualification specialists in these areas, according to real needs of economy, on ways of involving young talents in research.

MITRE-2023 sections

The Conference MITRE-2023 is organized in five sections:

  1. Algebra, Geometry and Topology
  2. Analysis, Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
  3. Applied Mathematics
  4. Computer Science and IT
  5. Didactics of Mathematics and Informatics

All important aspects of the MITRE Conference are described in two announcements/ letters, which may be found in the News flow.

Satellite Conference

The Conference MITRE-2023 is a satellite conference of The Tenth Congress of Romanian Mathematicians, June 30 - July 5, 2023, Piteşti, Romania